Where Do I Begin?

Many people think that hiring an architect or home designer is the first step in building their dream home. However, engaging a builder before you design your home is one of the wisest choices you can make. From design concept to post-construction home maintenance, Magleby Estate Homes will guide you through every step of the construction process. Learn more about Magleby’s unique way of building by clicking the link below.

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Building A Beautiful Mountain Getaway

Built through the winter in a remote mountain area, Mitch and Leslie explain how Magleby Estate Homes was able to complete a difficult project in such a short time period. The couple describe how Magleby’s unique ClearBuild™ process made this beautiful getaway possible.

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A Legacy of Quality

No matter the scale or style, Magleby’s estate homes are produced with the utmost consideration to lasting quality. Browse our portfolio to see the excellent craftsmanship of our team of professionals.

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A Vision of Excellence

In 1974, Paul Magleby set out to make a difference in the building industry. His persistent dedication to a higher standard of building has led the way in Utah’s home building industry. Click to watch the video of how Magleby created a perspective that led a group of three men framing homes by hand to create a nationally-acclaimed luxury home building company.

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