Clarity in Construction

Clarity is achieved when a team works to create a well defined budget and schedule before beginning construction. Magleby Remodel’s time tested ClearBuildTM process maps the way to accomplish these essential elements. Learn more about this transparent construction method that allows you and your construction team to be successful in every stage of your renovation.

ClearBuild TM Process

The Passion of Professionalism

Our Magleby Remodel group at Magleby Construction, led by Leon Schwab, works hard to attain a high level of trust and working relationship with our customers. Leon and his team exudes a passion of professionalism from the very start of each of their projects, and they carry that professionalism through even after the home is complete. Watch this video of yet another raving fan of Magleby Construction, wherein the customers discuss the legendary customer service that the Magleby Remodel group provided for them on their home.

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Meet the Team

Magleby Remodel has been renovating Utah’s finest homes for over 40 years. No matter the size or complexity, our seasoned remodel team will assist you in making your dreams a reality. Learn more about the team of professionals that are dedicated to building excellence.


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